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Husky Camp in Murmansk

The Kola North can truly be called a place of power. Here everyone will find something for themselves. So our Camp becomes a magnet place as our guests say.

We are family and team!

We are Alex & Anna (family and team). We are in love not only with each other, but also with our native land! We always try to find new mushing routes, choose the best equipment. And finally we are always in tune with our husky team! That is the way how Husky Camp has appeared. What you do with love leaves its own indelible trace…

Husky Camp is…

Sporty Siberian Huskies

Surpass the capabilities of the more common and familiar to people pet and show class huskies, are distinguished by intelligence, endurance and unpretentiousness. In our Camp we pay a lot of attention to training, so our four-legged friends are always full of energy and in great shape.

Convenient location

Our camp is located in the forest, not far from Murmansk, along the route of the most popular tourist places: Teriberka, Lovozero, Kirovsk. It’s easy to get to us. We can arrange a transfer on your request.

developed infrastructure

We have tried to create for you the most comfortable place to relax:
cozy modern house with all communications;
enclosures for communication with huskies;
zones for photo shoots;
picturesque territory;
new snowmobile park;
bright warm outfit

Our team:

новогодние фотосессии в Мурманске

Aleksey Nevzorov 

The founder of the project, professional musher, champion of the Murmansk region in dog sledding races. He is responsible for your comfort and safety.

выездные фотосессии с хаски

Anna Samoylova

The founder of the project, certified tour guide, guide-translator, camp manager.
She is responsible for your good mood.

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